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Who is responsible for this!

James Schramko can build multimillion dollar businesses from scratch. Joel Ozborn can make a theatre full of people crack up. Individually and when they get together, there’s really no telling what’s going to happen. One thing’s for sure though: whatever it is, it’s going to be interesting.

Funny how a popular stand-up comedian and a respected Internet business leader can have a lot of things seriously in common: They both took a leap of faith when they were just starting out, and now they’re exactly where they’ve always wanted to be… or are they?

On the other hand, you can also easily imagine how things can go flipped out once their different world views collide.

After numerous serious and side-splitting talks, the two thought that maybe it’s finally time to put their crazy conversations on business, entertainment, life and everything else in between into a podcast. It’s a podcast that will leave you in stiches… and perhaps help you earn your riches? (Haha)

From punch lines to bottom lines, grab the chance to eavesdrop on possibly one of the funniest, wittiest, brutally honest conversations in the digital airwaves today.

Two bold, maverick acts. One podcast. Don’t just sit back – kick back and relax!

Definition of KICK BACK

to assume a relaxed position or attitude; also :  to spend time relaxing :  take it easy <spent the weekend just kicking back>”


About the hosts

About James Schramko and Joel Ozborn 1

Joel Ozborn (Looks like Eric Bana right?) and James Schramko


James is the founder of He’s a leading Internet marketing expert, a respected business coach and an in-demand events speaker. He works from wherever he is in the world and lives in Sydney, where he is a diligent student of surfing on the beach by his backyard.


About James Schramko and Joel Ozborn 2

Joel performs regularly at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Adelaide Fringe Festival, The Sydney Comedy Festival, The Brisbane Comedy Festival and has taken his comedy around the world from South East Asia to Las Vegas. Although he still enjoys hitting the road with his comedian friends from time to time, these days you can catch Joel at one of the many comedy festivals, headlining comedy clubs or in his own solo theatre show.