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episode 12

Air Jordan Versus Crocs

James and Joel are back in AU and bringing you another lively dose of Kicking Back. In this episode they deliver their humorous takes on hipsters, ... [ Read More... ]

episode 11

Mischief And Misadventures With Akmal Saleh

What should you never joke about in Egypt? How many times can you crash a taxi before getting fired? Find out as James and Joel hang out with comedian ... [ Read More... ]

episode 10

Crossing Borders: On Stage, On Air And In Real Life

KickingBack is on it’s 10th episode, and Joel and James talk about crossing borders: on stage, on air and in real life, as they swap stories about ... [ Read More... ]

episode 9

Fun, Far-out Journey With The Amazing Johnathan

KickingBack is on its 9th episode. James, Joel and their special guest The Amazing Johnathan unveil the truth about comedians' childhoods, magicians' ... [ Read More... ]

episode 8

Baby Names, Mr.T., And Men Who Cry

This week, James and Joel welcome KickingBack's first ever guest. Expect more comedy and insights as the three swap stories and share laughs on the ... [ Read More... ]