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episode 7

Mixing Business With Comedy

KickingBack returns with its 7th episode. This week, James and Joel talk about talk about the funny, the interesting, the annoying and the inspiring ... [ Read More... ]

episode 6

Shopping, Shoes, Listener Sentiments… And Such Soft Eyes

Kicking Back's on its 6th episode, and our hosts go over the feedback they have gotten so far. Plus James tells surf stories, Joel shares close ... [ Read More... ]

episode 5

When A Comedian Goes Corporate

In Kicking Back’s 5th episode, the co-hosts head out for lunch and coffee, and James tries to figure out why Joel, being the comedian that he is, is ... [ Read More... ]

episode 4

A Universe Of Dreamers, Actors, Rockstars, Pirates And Terminators

This week on Kicking Back, James and Joel mix up mind-setting and cultural understanding with The Terminator, Sun Tzu and the bad, evil man from ... [ Read More... ]

episode 3

The Untold Story Of Kicking Back

James and Joel are back with the 3rd interesting episode, talking about how Kicking Back came about, great books, music, artists, and ... [ Read More... ]