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episode 4

A Universe Of Dreamers, Actors, Rockstars, Pirates And Terminators

This week on Kicking Back, James and Joel mix up mind-setting and cultural understanding with The Terminator, Sun Tzu and the bad, evil man from Spiderman.


James Schramko and Joel Ozborn

In this week’s episode:

01:32 – Go forward vs. paralyzed mindset
04:06 – A confused mind takes no action
05:15 – Same ingredients, different results
08:58 – The Dreamer vs. The Actor
09:25 – “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
12:00 – The unusual scene in “Out of the Furnace”
13:03 – Joel as a massive DVD collector
13:57 – James’ son as the student/rockstar
15:23 – Shocker: Joel is a guitar player
17:25 – Where’s Harold Holt?
18:05 – Mind tricks
21:45 – Countries and nicknames
22:40 – An astronaut’s view
23:28 – Surfing as a soulful thing
24:45 – Can you do the Kicking Back signature move?
26:00 – Where can you find Joel these days?
29:57 – Fame is a by-product of your past
33:50 – Being a kid at 42
34:55 – “Thank you for not sitting on my face”
36:15 – Scalpels and outrageous trends
36:59 – People always need a laugh
37:41 – The story of a shameless “borrower”
38:50 – Lack of cultural awareness leads to piracy
43:00 – “The Best or Nothing” by Mercedes-Benz
45:00 – Private school memories
46:53 – Watch out for school shocker stories
49:42 – What’s your best Kicking Back picture?


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  1. I was sitting in a bank waiting for something this morning listening to this episode. Some other people were sitting there with me nice and quiet, and I started laughing during the Renaissance Paparazzi part. Everyone else probably thought I was mental (which I may be). For what it’s worth, I thought that material was very funny. It would be very frustrating as a paparazzi member to have a half-completed sketch done before the celebrity moved on. And then there is the moral dilemma of whether or not to paint in their children or give the kids the privacy they deserve.

    Another frustrating situation would be the Stone Age court reporter who furiously tries to chisel away at the stone tablets. And then finally she yells out, “Hold on! I need to catch up!”

  2. nothing like a private joke in a crowded place!

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