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episode 4

A Universe Of Dreamers, Actors, Rockstars, Pirates And Terminators

This week on Kicking Back, James and Joel mix up mind-setting and cultural understanding with The Terminator, Sun Tzu and the bad, evil man from Spiderman.


James Schramko and Joel Ozborn

In this week’s episode:

01:32 – Go forward vs. paralyzed mindset
04:06 – A confused mind takes no action
05:15 – Same ingredients, different results
08:58 – The Dreamer vs. The Actor
09:25 – “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
12:00 – The unusual scene in “Out of the Furnace”
13:03 – Joel as a massive DVD collector
13:57 – James’ son as the student/rockstar
15:23 – Shocker: Joel is a guitar player
17:25 – Where’s Harold Holt?
18:05 – Mind tricks
21:45 – Countries and nicknames
22:40 – An astronaut’s view
23:28 – Surfing as a soulful thing
24:45 – Can you do the Kicking Back signature move?
26:00 – Where can you find Joel these days?
29:57 – Fame is a by-product of your past
33:50 – Being a kid at 42
34:55 – “Thank you for not sitting on my face”
36:15 – Scalpels and outrageous trends
36:59 – People always need a laugh
37:41 – The story of a shameless “borrower”
38:50 – Lack of cultural awareness leads to piracy
43:00 – “The Best or Nothing” by Mercedes-Benz
45:00 – Private school memories
46:53 – Watch out for school shocker stories
49:42 – What’s your best Kicking Back picture?


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