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episode 12

Air Jordan Versus Crocs

James and Joel are back in AU and bringing you another lively dose of Kicking Back. In this episode they deliver their humorous takes on hipsters, swear words, superstar sneakers, and much, much more.


What makes them so great?

Topics in the episode:

01:12 – How American culture is taking over
02:04 – Do these T-shirts make you sad?
03:02 – Crocodiles in fashion and humor
04:40 – On hipsters and tattoos
08:06 – It it OK to say “midget”?
10:32 – Why life is good Down Under
11:05 – Celebs we’d like on the show
12:10 – Swear word of the moment
13:25 – A tip from James’ acting coach
15:10 – The lost episode of Kicking Back
18:59 – A retrospect on past episodes
21:05 – Videos on the fly
22:33 – What, I’ve got to pay more?
23:10 – Funny takes on flying
26:52 – Joel the no. 1 gift-giver, after __
28:35 – The allure of Air Jordans (Retro, please)
31:50 – How Jordan went with Nike
35:00 – A hardcore collector
36:34 – The anatomy of surfboards
37:35 – More on hipsters
39:36 – Ending on an open loop
[History of Rap 5] Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake


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  1. You guys crack me up!! Just reading all the listener comments and I think Jared might be in the running for becoming another Super fan. Jared has left comments on nearly every episode so far! Go Jared =) To answer your question on the show: Yes, I buy myself Birthday presents. I do it to guarantee that I’ll get something I want. I just ordered myself a second American Giant hoodie for my Birthday!!

  2. those American Giant hoodies are awesome~

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