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episode 8

Baby Names, Mr.T., And Men Who Cry

This week, James and Joel welcome KickingBack’s first ever guest. Expect more comedy and insights as the three swap stories and share laughs on the 8th episode of this show about nothing and everything.


In this podcast:

00:49 – Welcome Kicking Back’s first guest
01:43 – Magic and big moments at SFB Live
03:11 – So do I get a caricature?
04:22 – The next new insult comic
05:02 – Surfing mishaps
07:24 – Billy Joel, not Idol
09:11 – How many surfboards does James have?
11:25 – A statue in Egypt that caught James’ attention
12:10 – An interesting story… or is it?
16:54 – What’s on your resume?
18:30 – An Aussie posing as an American acting as a sailor
21:24 – How acting led James to the Internet business space
22:36 – Quotes from bigwigs
24:10 – Grocery shopping in the Philippines
26:42 – How not to pay tax
27:38 – Baby names and car plates
32:08 – Is it OK for grown men to cry?
37:11 – Joel the ultimate gift-giver
40:50 – Hasselhoff live in Germany
43:15 – A pep talk from Mr. T


James, Joel and friends show off their KickingBack Tshirts


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