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episode 13

Book Club With Teddy (And Clint)

Together, James, Joel, Teddy and Clint share insights about adventures in working and travelling, understanding technology, reading good books, and learning great lessons in life.



Joel and Teddy

In the Podcast:

01:24 – Writing notes about a book you’ve read
02:03 – How Titanic Thompson earned his name
04:55 – What’s real about reality shows?
07:53 – Have you watched Dom Hemingway?
08:08 – Look who’s back
09:00 – How we felt after we lost our best episode
10:43 – The daring escape of Dixie Dooley
11:48 – Going a bit too far
16:15 – False promises of promoters
16:50 – A wandering dog, a missing kid and weird venues
18:45 – Lost in translation
20:50 – The height of Tim and Clint’s festival career
21:26 – Doing gags in other countries
22:05 – Fireworks and terrorists
23:40 – Fierce competition in the speaking industry
25:48 – Sneaky tricks in seminars
28:01 – The Nigerian scammer technique
28:46 – Everyone should watch the documentary Blackfish
30:20 – Facebook for a good cause
32:50 – A good way to regulate yourself
33:25 – A heated discussion on technology
35:58 – Natural ways to heal don’t sell
38:10 – How people treat each other – and themselves
39:05 – The witch doctor scenario
40:33 – These 2 things will solve all problems
41:38 – How will the hippies survive?
43:18 – Love, compassion and $1.50 an hour
45:25 – It matters where you come from
47:00 – The millionaire and the fishermen
48:22 – Justifying a brag
50:45 – The byproduct from helping people
51:19 – What happens if Atlas Shrugged
52:53 – 2 theories about books
53:20 – How to find the meat of the book in 5 minutes
54:45 – The 3-book rule
56:00 – Great actors have rich lives
57:30 – A soft spot for Tony Robbins
58:58 – A docu on JFK’s murder
60:40 – A sweet ending


Clint Paddison

Clint Paddison


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  1. Hey James, what is the name of that JFK documentary?

  2. Hey guys, thought I’d let you know I recently read (and finished) the Arnold Schwarzenegger bio Total Recall. It was a ripper, worth a read. There is more to Arnie than you may expect. He’s a smart guy with a really interesting story. So Joel get cracking and finish it off.

  3. Im getting it!! #Inspired

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