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episode 14

Comedy And The World Cup

It’s been a while, so James and Joel are back in the 14th episode of KickingBack. Hear about Joel’s ongoing TV project, what it means to be a polymath, James’ surf experience in Malibu, and what really happened the day Joel crossed paths with Eric Bana.


This week in the podcast:

01:09 – Where has Joel been?
02:53 – An example of Joel’s killer material
03:18 – Most successful gag
03:57 – The “Wiggles”
05:00 – What parents learn for their kids
05:41 – Bad title, good content
06:39 – What to do when stalled in an act
07:38 – Backwards speaking
08:09 – The planning behind Joel’s show
11:47 – Why Pelé paused to tie his shoe
13:54 – Joel’s hectic sched
15:08 – What’s next after being on a comedy show
16:20 – The importance of sustainable routine
16:42 – Tales of Miki Dora
21:29 – What Mercedes-Benz ambassadors leave behind
22:27 – Hanging out with Pat Rafter
25:13 – The term is “polymath”
26:33 – Bad Words
27:51 – James’ Malibu surfing experience
30:57 – Soon: A South Korea-Japan cruise for Joel
31:21 – Yakuza horror stories
33:36 – What do you collect?
35:38 – Where James gets his surf updates
37:12 – A reflection on mortality
39:48 – Odd words and delayed thinking
41:37 – The power of preparation
46:30 – When Joel finally came face-to-face with Eric Bana



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  1. Matt Coffy says

    Best episode so far, or should I not say that for us humble polymaths. Was watching endless summer today and right there was Miki Dora doing side swipe moves in Malibu. .cool to get the visual after listening to this episode.

  2. Yes he was special!

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