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episode 14

Comedy And The World Cup

It’s been a while, so James and Joel are back in the 14th episode of KickingBack. Hear about Joel’s ongoing TV project, what it means to be a polymath, James’ surf experience in Malibu, and what really happened the day Joel crossed paths with Eric Bana.


This week in the podcast:

01:09 – Where has Joel been?
02:53 – An example of Joel’s killer material
03:18 – Most successful gag
03:57 – The “Wiggles”
05:00 – What parents learn for their kids
05:41 – Bad title, good content
06:39 – What to do when stalled in an act
07:38 – Backwards speaking
08:09 – The planning behind Joel’s show
11:47 – Why Pelé paused to tie his shoe
13:54 – Joel’s hectic sched
15:08 – What’s next after being on a comedy show
16:20 – The importance of sustainable routine
16:42 – Tales of Miki Dora
21:29 – What Mercedes-Benz ambassadors leave behind
22:27 – Hanging out with Pat Rafter
25:13 – The term is “polymath”
26:33 – Bad Words
27:51 – James’ Malibu surfing experience
30:57 – Soon: A South Korea-Japan cruise for Joel
31:21 – Yakuza horror stories
33:36 – What do you collect?
35:38 – Where James gets his surf updates
37:12 – A reflection on mortality
39:48 – Odd words and delayed thinking
41:37 – The power of preparation
46:30 – When Joel finally came face-to-face with Eric Bana



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