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episode 9

Fun, Far-out Journey With The Amazing Johnathan

KickingBack is on its 9th episode. James, Joel and their special guest The Amazing Johnathan unveil the truth about comedians’ childhoods, magicians’ souls, the Secret Service and absolutely killing it.


This week:

01:27 – Introducing The Amazing Johnathan
03:03 – A confession on Johnathan’s heart condition
04:55 – Ready for some mindblow verbal magic?
06:53 – Bloody mysterious link tricks
07:58 – The famous tennis racket act
08:32 – Best podcast ever got lost
10:35 – Which came first, comedy or magic?
11:10 – Magic gone wrong
13:00 – Do you need a gift to become a magician?
15:24 – Being the best comedian
16:22 – What you should know about Joel
20:19 – The grommet surfer
21:45 – Spoilers and shocking endings
23:49 – Hitting it huge in Australia
25:11 – TV star stories
26:43 – What Johnathan lost in Vegas
28:56 – Would he have done it differently?
29:35 – Gain weight, wear a headband
31:39 – When a prima donna makes a point
38:16 – Adlibs and routines
39:21 – Getting people rocking and rolling
40:30 – A**hole Alert
43:20 – Hobnobbing with A-listers
44:53 – When the Secret Service picked Johnathan up
49:11 – This is the ‘80s dammit!
49:32 – The highlight of Johnathan’s six lives
51:30 – Easy fame and fortune
54:20 – “Every Trick in the Book” by The Amazing Johnathan
55:15 – It’s all real: LAPD, guns, suicides and Hunter S. Thompson
57:03 – Yup, comedy can get you out of trouble
58:28 – Just having fun


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  1. I saw The Amazing Jonathan live in the 90s. He was funny then & he’s still got it today. Amazing considering his sad news!

  2. Amy Boehnert says

    I just wanted to give Joel a huge hug while listening to the stories from his childhood. That was rough! This was a different style of podcast, but I certainly appreciated Jonathan and am hoping for the best for him.

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