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episode 20

iPhone Woes, Skydiving And The Sopranos

James and Joel are together again for another episode of KickingBack. Listen as they do the nerd talk, discuss lessons on comedy, magic and business and other entertaining insights.


An overprotected iPhone?


Topics discussed:

01:48 – When your battery fails you
04:44 – Too much protection
07:16 – A train in tracks
09:40 – Choosing reasonable flight times
14:29 – Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis
15:01 – Humor at the SuperFastBusiness live event
18:12 – Why it took so long for this new episode
22:54 – What Joel says on the radio
24:27 – Watch out for the selfie sticks!
25:36 – Accidental discoveries
28:07 – How some surfing communities came about
30:21 – Own that website
32:03 – A critique about criticisms
35:08 – A lesson from the super violin player
38:39 – Trying out T25 and other fitness programs
39:49 – Why surfing is a great workout
41:28 – Guys who look like chicks
43:45 – Marketing lesson: Taboos
45:36 – What happens in the beginning
46:48 – When you’re just not ready
49:21 – Challenges make or break you
50:12 – Fascinating storytelling
53:28 – What comedy, magic and selling have in common
53:50 – From Shakespeare to The Sopranos
56:33 – Understanding the “bad guys”
58:01 – Enjoying Netflix
59:39 – Be careful what you wish for
60:39 – Focus
61:07 – Get rid of the clutter
62:16 – Win this

Want to win one?

Want to win one?


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