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episode 2

Justin Bieber Vs. Bruce Springsteen

In this episode, James and Joel share tales of eating Mexican food and boycotting brands, and offer their personal insights on the careers of artists from Justin Bieber and Bruce Springsteen to Milli Vanilli and Miley.


Today’s discussion topics:

00:49 – Fun with names
02:26 – Boycotting sweatshop sneakers
04:33 – Would you give up Apple products?
05:59 – Is that Eric Bana?
06:48 – Some Mexican food trivia
08:20 – Right, tight; left, loose
11:20 – Australians abroad
12:34 – Foreign fads in AU
15:20 – Fernando’s big burrito
16:05 – Why Joel no longer eats chili
20:16 – A sushi mishap
22:44 – Is James a Belieber?
25:55 – The secret of Led Zeppelin’s fame
27:07 – Stories of racial tension
30:02 – Joel’s take on the Biebs
35:15 – The fascinating topic of cream
36:15 – It comes down to confidence
38:40 – Life on a ship
39:53 – And Miley “Cyprus”



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  1. Casey Stevens says

    I like that half and half stuff they have in the States :p

  2. thats like lite white

  3. Alan Boyd says

    what you doing at GG should be at chicabonita!

  4. I love chicabonita too!!

  5. I don’t know everything, but my take is confidence is very important and comes from the experience of having done it before. Of course, there are times when you haven’t done it before; in those instances, it’s good to borrow confidence from others who have done it before (mentors).

  6. Lock in the wins!!

  7. Farty Fartsalot says

    You shouldn’t put his name next to Bruce Springsteen’s, you fucking idiot.

  8. Ah the wise words of the esteemed Farty Fartsalot.

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