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episode 11

Mischief And Misadventures With Akmal Saleh

What should you never joke about in Egypt? How many times can you crash a taxi before getting fired? Find out as James and Joel hang out with comedian Akmal Saleh in this 11th episode of Kicking Back.


In our latest episode:

01:13 – The odd tale of Akmal’s aunt
01:57 – Comedy versus Telstra
03:06 – Playing with names
05:20 – An exclusive sense of humor
06:10 – A man of many talents
07:13 – Same words, different routine
08:29 – How to set the bar
11:17 – A historical stop-off
13:05 – Any interesting T-shirts?
15:52 – Food humor in the Philippines
17:04 – STDs and body parts
21:34 – Men get it, too
22:39 – Kicking Back’s famous fan
25:00 – What would you do with $2 million?
27:44 – Run-ins with airport customs
33:16 – James’ Egyptian experience
34:09 – The world’s worst standup
37:14 – When comedy and politics don’t mix
42:42 – “I want my suite!”
46:44 – Everything comes with rice
49:03 – Whose dog is that?
54:11 – Akmal’s ill-fated career as a cab driver
59:31 – “Level with me.”
01:01:09 – One passenger’s sob story
01:05:42 – Encounters with wildlife
01:06:53 – Being just too nice
01:09:55 – Interesting characters
01:14:12 – Virtual surfing
01:16:47 – Another of Akmal’s hidden talents



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  1. Curly, Mo and Larry. The Three Amigos. Stephen Merchant, Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington. We have a new comedy trio: James, Joel and Akmal. This was hilarious. A lot of this podcast had me shaking with laughter. Thanks guys!

  2. Appreciated Sean !

  3. Just got back from a holiday in Byron Bay and look who I saw as I was crossing the street…

  4. wohoo massive Akmal is so tall

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