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episode 7

Mixing Business With Comedy

KickingBack returns with its 7th episode. This week, James and Joel talk about talk about the funny, the interesting, the annoying and the inspiring things that happened during the SuperFastBusiness Live event.

James Schramko and Joel Ozborn?

James Schramko and Joel Ozborn?

This week:

01:10 – James is now a fully-fledged stand-up comedian
02:43 – How was the first KickingBack live show?
04:58 – Joel’s first time to surf
06:15 – How Keith rolls
07:51 – Why did the surfing instructor gave James a funny look?
09:39 – What to watch out for when surfing
10:45 – Doctor’s orders!
15:34 – Smashed ribs, lost eye and leg casts
16:02 – Surfing with SilverCircle people
17:34 – Why travel with an ugly bag?
19:34 – What you need to know, you’ll learn in a taxi
22:06 – James’ comedic skills kick in
23:38 – The yin-yang techniques in comedy
25:15 – Deconstructing jokes
25:52 – Standing up in front of a live audience
27:20 – The great KickingBack Comedy Club
30:38 – A recording ruined
32:04 – Good vibes and some jolts at the event
34:50 – How to avoid being screwed
36:55 – Joel’s video postcards from the road
38:24 – What’s the latest on Arnie?
39:07 – A big thank you to our listeners


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