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episode 22

Movies and Mischief

James and Joel are back for another fun KickingBack episode. They talk about mischief (legal and otherwise), better jokes, shopping experiences and great movies.

Seen any great movies lately?

Seen any great movies lately?

Episode highlights:

01:12 – Unlimited WiFi & FOMO
04:14 – California mischief
06:35 – Legalized mafia
13:11 – Siri does this to you
17:48 – He’s a good Samaritan
20:03 – Radical honesty
22:36 – Better jokes, more laughs
27:05 – How do you find jokes?
31:39 – You’ve got to be good at something
33:31 – Remodeling your apartment
36:31 – 4 types of people
40:49 – Movie recommendations
57:19 – Why call it a fun run?


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  1. hey guys, I recently watched the movie Sicario and thought it was terrific, especially the ending which is not a typical Hollywood finish. Very interesting exploration of the key characters showing lots of shades of grey and exposing how heroes can also be villains. Well worth Greg popping on his list.

  2. I loved that movie !

  3. Yep I watched it twice.

  4. Farty Fartsalot says

    You guys have pretty smelly taste in movies. Just terrible. Stick to Michael Bay, you fools.

  5. AffiliateLabz says

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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