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episode 6

Shopping, Shoes, Listener Sentiments… And Such Soft Eyes

Kicking Back’s on its 6th episode, and our hosts go over the feedback they have gotten so far. Plus James tells surf stories, Joel shares close encounters with idols, and much, much more.


In today’s episode:

01:30 – What’s new since last episode?
02:34 – How credible are reviews?
06:45 – Surf talk
08:29 – Eavesdropping, chewing the fat
09:17 – Strength through vulnerability
12:00 – What your shopping cart says about you
13:45 – Guess who Joel touched?
17:21 – James’ celebrity encounters
19:19 – John who?
19:47 – A mutual love for shoes
21:35 – “The Secret Country” by John Pilger
23:38 – What kids can teach you
26:28 – A comedic great
29:00 – “He’s got such soft eyes.”
31:11 – Bob’s beef with Buddha


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