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episode 1

Stand-up, Surfing And Everything In Between

Should comedians lend their jokes? What should a foreigner avoid in Russia? And how can you score free surfing lessons? James and Joel toss these topics around and more in this first ever episode of Kicking Back.


In this podcast episode:

00:59 – A routine interrupted
03:34 – Tricks of the comedian’s trade
04:30 – When a friend borrows a joke
07:24 – Trying out the “heckler technique”
10:09 – James plays Andrew Goodwin
11:23 – When in Russia…
14:20 – Learning improv from the streets
15:04 – Missing kids and stray dogs
17:12 – How to handle hecklers
18:57 – Free surfing lessons?
21:27 – Resilience and framing a performance
23:10 – How to draw the crowd in


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  1. Matt Coffy says

    Love it. Thanks for the great new show. btw. Does the wormhole still exist to freshwater beach?

  2. I am not sure! I tend to be a pipeline surfer down the southern end

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