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episode 19

The Manly Tour

Get to know Manly like a local as James and Joel take a walking tour and share the insider, underground guide to the best food, the best coffee, the biggest burger, hotels, back alleys and the beach in this episode.

At the beach

At the beach

Topics discussed:

02:00 – This is the JJ guide to Manly
02:57 – The no. 1 beach in NSW
04:10 – A nice day for surfing
05:06 – The home of last year’s SuperFastBusiness event
06:06 – Underground guide: great food, drinks and books
08:18 – The only restaurant on the boardwalk
10:30 – What you’ll find at the Corso steps
11:45 – This rip isn’t called “The Elevator” for nothing
12:29 – The early days in Manly
16:05 – A look at the touristy shops
18:25 – Getting to the good stuff (Tip: The best grilled salmon in the world)
19:16 – Joel took singing lessons here
19:52 – Healthy grub, or a nice Italian place?
20:55 – What makes the harbour side of Manly unique
21:30 – A great and obscure coffeeshop
23:04 – Not too much fast food in Manly
23:56 – A good rule of thumb, an exception to the touristy rule
25:20 – Very Italian, very expensive
26:17 – Outlet shops and $1 offers
27:20 – A few do’s and dont’s
28:46 – One of the oldest comedy rooms in Sydney
30:14 – Why you’d do better with an online store in Manly
32:08 – Get off the beaten path
32:14 – Some Manly history
33:31 – A library, a gallery, Japanese food, Swedish cafe
34:24 – Fancy some bodywork?
34:33 – The darker side of Manly
35:42 – A built-in Brazilian coffee machine
37:31 – For really good Mexican food…
38:30 – Cool places in Belgrave
39:49 – The last stop
41:45 – A marketing lesson from a good snack place

Bike parking

Bike parking


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Interested in the places James and Joel mentioned?

Jellyfish Restaurant
Pizza Capanna
The Pantry
Hotel Steyne
The Corso
Ben and Jerry’s
Moo Gourmet Burgers
Mex and Co
Manly Grill
Bluewater Cafe
Manly Wine Bar
Yok Thai
Bench Cafe
Pure Wholefoods
Manly Wharf Hotel
4 Pines
Out Of Africa
Chat Thai
Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
Guzman Y Gomez
Bavarian Bier Cafe
Hamlets Pies & Coffee
Three Beans
Mortar & Pestle
The Ivanhoe Hotel
The Old Manly Boatshed

Ser Bar Kebab
In Situ
Ground Zero
BenBry Burgers
Saltmotion Gallery
Fika Swedish Kitchen
Brazuca Bar
Manly Mexican
Foundry Fifty Three
Dolce Terra
Silo Espresso
Andy’s Book Shop

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  1. You guys did the BEST tour! Looks like you recorded this tour 1 day before my most reent Manly visit, and I should have listened to it before I came. Next time, I’ll follow your footsteps … walking one street back from the main ones!

  2. awesome!

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