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episode 21

The Really Really Long One (With Time Travel Secrets)

James and Joel is back for another fun and insightful episode of KickingBack. This week, they talk about the story of Mike Tyson and some controversial celebrities, inventing a time machine, timeless TV series, great jokes – as well as serious advice.


Violent sport – as old as the gladiators

In this podcast:

01:43 – Criminal acts
05:16 – Why Mike Tyson’s autobiography is the best ever
06:27 – What’s Joel been up to?
08:21 – Crafting jokes
13:55 – Footage manipulation
17:11 – The shark and the surfer
25:36 – When history (and business) repeats itself
27:35 – How comedy and marketing are the same
36:10 – Heroes and the modern-day gladiator
42:23 – Celebrities behaving badly
48:00 – What inspired Joel’s next one-man show
51:21 – KickingBack is organic
52:14 – What’s next for James?
52:30 – If you could make a time machine
58:28 – Why you could be dissatisfied with your life
60:03 – James’s advice for his 5-year-ago self
62:59 – A tough challenge for a business leader
68:22 – What’s the best TV series ever?
69:29 – The truth about working in an office
71:46 – Parody, cheese and B.S.
76:04 – Heard of these jokes?
85:03 – When only profit is the point


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  1. Garrick Jackson says

    G’day Gents, you’ve got at least 3 listeners – Greg, Sean and me…

  2. thank you !!!!! Garrick you will get a mention!!

  3. Garrick Jackson says

    No need for a mention James, really enjoy your stuff and looking forward to becoming a SFB member again and to SFB11.

  4. See you there!

  5. 4 listeners. Best Episode yet. I’m certainly one that can identify with the 5 year ago story. Also that guy seems to be a real dolt who keeps passively aggressively messaging you James, i would tell him to wear that damn mirror around his neck! It’s sounds more of a case of general envy, not jealously, but i’m sure he’ll figure it out, he seems to be a willing student and has a magnanimous teacher.
    … Well, 5 years ago, what would I had told myself?
    – You can hit seven figures in 3 years, if you apply yourself.. (i would of scoffed!)
    – Hire a team and build out asap.

    – Keep heathly at all costs.
    – work less, enjoy the Marathon, its a good jog, so be patient.

  6. awesome 4!!! Health, that is a big one. Surfing changed my life – it’s a good one.

  7. yes, just riding waves and just being in the ocean can be transcendent.

  8. nothing else like it!

  9. I wonder if you’re referring to John Lee Dumas with the over-the-top-bullshit intro? I know he interviews some great people, but I can’t stand listening to him. His podcast is extremely popular so I guess it works unfortunately.

  10. Hey guys, here’s a suggestion for best comedy show ever – Faulty Towers. Comedy gold, in my opinion.

  11. that is a great one!

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