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episode 17

The Reunion

After a short break, James and Joel get together once more and swap interesting stories. James talks about his interesting travel with his kids, and Joel shares his tale of escape from a remote town. Also, overconfidence and fame: what’s their take on it? Join their reunion in this latest episode of KickingBack.

See the komodo dragon at the Taronga Zoo

In the podcast:

01:40 – James and his kids hit Queensland
03:47 – Watching “Gone Girl”
04:25 – Looking for good films
06:33 – Wrap those gifts up!
07:48 – Fame is B.S. and a lesson from Bill Murray
10:17 – Pontificating again
13:05 – The uniform effect
15:25 – When people underestimate you
17:45 – One flipflop, one barefoot
21:42 – Ready, set, gone
24:52 – You can smell it but you can’t eat it
26:58 – The joy of eating glue
27:38 – Roar & Snore in Taronga Zoo
32:26 – Why is Joel not buying DVDs anymore?
34:43 – Goodies at the post office
36:22 – The comedian as a glorified gypsy
41:07 – Joel’s eerie experience in a strange town
46:40 – Remember this when you’re travelling in remote Australia
46:58 – More fuel stories
53:16 – In conclusion


Fame is the unfortunate byproduct of what you do. [Click To Tweet].
When the glass is both half empty and half full… [Click To Tweet].

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