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episode 3

The Untold Story Of Kicking Back

James and Joel are back with the 3rd interesting episode, talking about how Kicking Back came about, great books, music, artists, and business.


Kicking Back is ready to roll

This week:

01:01 – The tale behind the podcast
04:55 – Who’s Tim Shadow?
06:58 – How Kicking Back came about
09:08 – The art of buying the perfect domain
13:03 – Different jokes for different folks
17:12 – Homo-suggestive art?
20:25 – Physical books versus Kindles
28:15 – The Flappy Bird phenomenon
30:26 – Audio books and androgyny
31:15 – Music and drugs
34:06 – Mistaken identity
34:55 – “The Kid Stays In The Picture”
36:04 – Taking risks and making it in business
40:05 – Should Kicking Back take to the streets?
41:15 – What makes Harry Connick Jr. great
43:16 – A revelation in the desert
45:10 – Our idea grid
46:03 – The argument for hard copy books
48:33 – Artist or sell-out?


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