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episode 5

When A Comedian Goes Corporate

In Kicking Back’s 5th episode, the co-hosts head out for lunch and coffee, and James tries to figure out why Joel, being the comedian that he is, is wearing fancy corporate threads. Plus, there’s plenty of interesting stories in between!

Joel enjoying his cup of chai

Joel enjoying his cup of chai

In this episode:

01:26 Kicking Back website is up!
02:04 Addicted to surfing stuff
04:04 “Pants Around My Ankles”
06:09 What the show’s up to
07:26 Getting into iTunes
08:08 The story behind Joel’s garb
10:26 Vanessa and Joel’s take on relationships
12:14 Food and and the law of reciprocation
14:54 The story continues
16:51 Considering real estate
18:22 Comedy gets the vote
19:30 Interesting podcast stats
20:43 Lunch with “Eric Bana”
21:20 Mortgage – The modern day prison
22:43 The Parkinson’s Law
23:51 Watching “The Armstrong Lie” documentary
26:09 Joseph Campbell and mythology
26:55 Getting back to the shirt question
28:08 Stealing identity
31:54 Joke Optimization
34:45 It’s Burger Friday!
35:21 Vegan cupcakes by Chef James
38:12 Clint’s food fetish
39:43 On not getting ‘detected’
41:51 So why the fancy shirt, Joel?
44:20 The $12 Million Apartment
48:32 Joel’s corporate attire reveal
50:31 Making a plan
52:13 Life’s great!
54:15 Retirement in a non-traditional sense

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  1. I thought the foray into the streets was good. The sound quality for James was good for being on location, but it was somewhat hard to hear Joel. Perhaps use a mic on Joel as well? In either case, I’m OK having less sound quality when you’re out and about. Good work. Indeed it’s like I’m there hanging out with you guys.

  2. Thanks Jared, Joel aha such a loud voice I get to wear the mic. Next time we will share it in the middle

  3. Amy Boehnert says

    I listened to this on a road trip, and found myself leaning in to the speakers to hear the stories and just loving being “included” in a coffee time conversation with James and Joel. Great idea!! P.S. I can’t wait for the episode when Joel gets the apartment!!

  4. He is going to love that !

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